Friends of Camp Sacramento

Volunteer Weekends

Want to spend a few extra weekends at camp? Us too.

Each year, Friends participate in two special volunteer weekends were we help the Camp Manager open and close camp. You can join us for the entire weekend or just the day. This is also our opportunity to work on special projects like building new playgrounds and bocce ball courts.

Lodging and meals for workers are provided by the City of Sacramento.  All that we ask is that everyone come prepared to work; even children can help by picking up pine cones and other small tasks (Please Note: Childcare is not provided).

We never know what kind of weather we'll encounter, including rain or snow, so please be sure to bring rain gear, boots or shoes for muddy conditions and dress in layers to accommodate changes in the temperature.  Evenings, in particular, in the Sierra at that time of year, can be quite cold.  We have work gloves at Camp but your own gloves will probably fit much better.  Most, if not all, of the tools we'll need to accomplish the tasks are available at Camp.  You can bring your own tools if you wish; however, you are responsible for keeping track of them. 

Opening Weekend is scheduled for June 1-3, 2018 and closing weekend is scheduled for Sept. 28-30, 2018. These dates are subject to change depending on weather so please stay in touch with camp staff. 

To accommodate everyone and ensure we have plenty of food for each work weekend, please make your reservation by calling the Camp Sacramento office at (916) 808-6098.