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Camp Improvement

Friends of Camp Sacramento is committed to making camp a better place for everyone. We do that through annual operational support, capital improvement projects, and by lending our time and sweat to open camp in the spring and close camp in the fall. 

Capital Improvement Projects

Camp Sacramento is 102 years old and needs all the support it can get! Working with the City of Sacramento, Friends raises money for major projects that will improve the experience of camping. 

In recent years, Friends has built a new playground, bocce ball court, purchased new beds in all of the cabins, new water towers, patio awnings, and more. In 2020, a massive new deck behind the lodge looking over the American River, funded by Friends, was completed. In 2020, Friends supported the remodel of the Women's and Men's Main Restrooms, new custom-made sliding screens and shutters on cabins, and upgraded cabinetry in the Dining Hall. 

Capital Improvement Projects are funded through special fundraising drives and through traditional year-over-year saving. 

Annual Operational Support


Friends of Camp Sacramento provides annual operational support funding to open camp each year. Snow blowers, flowers, zip ties and more, we make sure camp is ready to go when the time comes to dig out of the snow and open up for families. In the fall, we do the same thing, but shut it down and button up for winter. 

Volunteer Weekends

Volunteer Work Weekends each Fall and Spring give Friends the opportunity to lend their time and effort to support camp.


All skill levels invited to help open and close camp each year. The more handy among us help build the playground and assembly equipment while the rest of us hang signs and move gear. Kids are tasked with the most important duty of all - gathering kindling wood and cleaning up camp!

Cabins and meals are complimentary but recreation programs are unavailable. It is a work weekend after all.  

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